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New sewerage system

The customer needed a new septic tank as the original one had completely blocked up due to poor installation. We put ply boards all over the surrounding area to protect the lawn and took the fence down so we could do all the work from the field at the rear of the house so as not to disturb the garden.


Firstly, we dug a new hole right next to the existing tank, put the new tank in, and concreted the new tank in place.  All this was done whilst still connected to the old tank, ensuring unbroken service. When the concrete had gone hard, we connected the new tank to the existing drainage.


Then we dug two trenches, each a metre deep, 450 mm wide and twenty one meters in length. We installed the recommended filtration pipes, which lead from an inspection (sample) chamber next to the new tank.  The trenches were filled with 20mm shingle to a depth of 450mm. The filtration pipe was then laid on top and filled with shingle to 100mm above the pipe. Finally, a polythene membrane was laid on the top of the shingle and then the trenches were back-filled with top soil.


To summarise, the new tank now works perfectly as it should do: it has been properly installed: all you see now is the green lid of the tank and you would not know we had completed such a major task in the garden.